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We are a sales performance improvement company. We aim to help each of our clients increase top line growth by driving up performance of their sales and client teams. We do this through training, coaching and partnering with our clients to implement an effective, tailored sales process.

Key Sales Briefings

Download our key sales briefing - Selling Has Changed.


To achieve lasting and measurable performance improvement with the corresponding growth in revenue takes more than just a good sales training course.

  1. It needs the commitment of participants and management.
  2. Tailored development that provides what the team need when they need it, led by programme leaders they respect.
  3. Follow-through that ensures good ideas and intentions turn into lasting capability with tailored sales tools that become embedded into the business.

We have worked with 63 sales organisations to date across b2b service sectors: Finance, IT Services and Satellite Communications. We know what good looks like and how to help sales and client teams improve.

Powerhouse Sales Programmes For Growth

Our clients require tailored training

Because all sales and client teams are at different levels of maturity.

These are the programmes that clients typically ask us to tailor for them.

  1. Consultative Selling (with Insight)
  2. Negotiation programme
  3. Team building (Belbin)
  4. Sales management
  5. Trusted consultant (sales for non-sales)
  6. Winning presentations
  7. Winning proposals
  8. Key account development
  9. Winning, large complex sales
  10. Telephone sales skills

Download Sales Programmes For Growth

Sales Programmes for Growth
It's about loving the work we do ...

Read our case studies.

Logica UCLH service team tripled expected revenues

Evolution of sales.

Robin Clements and his Logica team at University College Hospital have built up a level of trust with the National Health Service that is the envy of other service providers and is being mirrored elsewhere in the company.
They are proving that being a trusted adviser is rewarding for the client as well as the service provider.

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Winning Major Opportunities

Planning is winning.

Inmarsat, a satellite/communication company, had launched a satellite to provide a new data communication service across most of the globe. This is a £1b investment for the company. The challenge facing the sales team has been to forward-sell a service not currently available.

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Our Clients

Building Long Lasting Relationships
At Powerhouse, People make the difference

Our Team Members

Ian Treadaway

Managing Director

28 years experience in helping clients drive up revenue growth by improving the performance of their sales teams.

Suky Skinner


15 years selling and sales leadership of high performing sales teams, 19 years developing sales people and sales leaders to outperform the competition.

Roderick Morgan


Over 30 years sales experience of telephone sales and sales management. Coaches teams on critical phone skills and also as a ‘high-end’ appointment generator.

Tony Robinson


International sales coach and trainer for over 20 years with a track record of delivering programmes that drive results. A focus on working with new business teams.

What Our Clients Say?

The result has been a 51% year on year growth in revenue and a change to a consultative, client focused sales approach from the team.

When Powerhouse started to work with us we had less than £18m in pipeline and secured business and finished the year £2m below our target. Six months into our new year we have already beaten our £26m target with a pipeline of £70m directly because of the programme.

The credit for winning 3i must go to Powerhouse for the bid coaching. You played a crucial role in dealing the first qualitative death blows to the competition.

Gross and net sales targets had been beaten mainly because of the increase in cross-selling. Cross-selling is now in our DNA.

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